Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!
Welcome to a special Halloween edition of Foxy Friday (on a Wednesday). Our illustrators have outdone themselves this time with some deliciously spooky Halloween art. Make way for bat garlands, Day of the Dead Nutcrackers, Frankenfairies, and more! Plus, an eerie excerpt from Tom Llewellyn's middle-grade novel about a 13 year old boy who writes letters to his dead dad--who writes him back. . . best read in the dark, with a flashlight.
Here's to some good, juicy scares today.  

Rosalinde Bonnet

Masha D'yans

Elizabeth Haidle

Adam Gustavson


Hannah Harrison

Catherine Stock

Elizabeth Haidle

Diane Browning

Stacy Dressen McQueen

Mary Ann Fraser

Marty Kelley

Michael Wertz

Jed Alexander

Shelley Rotner

Marty Kelley

Oliver Dominguez

Sarah Watts

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  1. I think I've seen every one of these but Rosalinde's which I love! Great job by all concerned!