Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Martian Chronicles

Foxy Friday is a little late this week since yours truly was away at the SCBWI Montana writing retreat this past weekend in Big Sky. Michele Corriel graciously dealt with the challenges of hosting a new mama away from her three month old infant for the first time and showed Simon & Schuster editor, Ruta Rimas, and I the wonders of Yellowstone, where we shared the road with lumbering bison and spied on regal elks. Ruta was determined to spot a moose but, alas, the probably moose factor (PMF) was low this weekend and they hid from us during our brief hike into the hills. The Montana SCBWI chapter is small but highly talented and everyone was very kind and tolerant as I foisted photos of Tristan at them. A big thanks to everyone at SCBWI Montana for helping me survive my first time away from the little guy.

And now, without further ado, here is this week's Foxy Friday. We were inspired this time by the recent landing of NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, the fourth US rover to reach Mars since 1997. This photograph, taken by Curiosity just a few weeks ago, gave me the chills:

Something that we built, something touched by human hands, is now on the surface of Mars, roaming its red hills, pushing through its alien atmosphere, exploring its hills and valleys. It just gets the imagination going. What if one of those brave canine space pioneers actually made it to the red planet?

Mary Ann Fraser
What if Martians made their homes below the surface?

Rosalinde Bonnet
What would it be like to float among the stars?

Diane Browning

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  1. Love these pictures! Makes me feel like my SPIRIT is there!