Friday, July 6, 2012

Foxy Friday!

 Hi everyone! Welcome to our first Foxy Friday! Foxy Friday (so named by our own Sarah Watts) is Red Fox's own version of Illustration Friday and will be happening about every other week. Each Foxy Friday we will feature a topic for our Red Fox illustrators to take on. This weeks topic is "summer." This week we've got illustrations by Jed Alexander, Rosalinde Bonnet, Diane Browning, Mary Ann Fraser, Adam Gustavson, Elizabeth Haidle, Marty Kelley, Tatjana Mai-WyssTeri Sloat, and Sarah Watts. Tatjana's piece is a spread she did for Whole-y Cow: Fractions are Fun (by Taryn Souders and Tatjana Mai-Wyss from Sleeping Bear Press). And Sarah Watts not only provided us with our new name but she's offered us something a little different than what we usually see from Sarah: a collage! So maybe Foxy Fridays will be a place where you can see other work from our Red Fox Artists in a style or medium that you might not otherwise see. Keep coming back and I hope you enjoy this fine Foxy Friday!

Jed Alexander

Rosalinde Bonnet

Diane Browning

Mary Ann Fraser

Adam Gustavson

Elizabeth Haidle

Marty Kelley

Tatjana Mai-Wyss

Teri Sloat

Sarah Watts


  1. Beautiful work! Thanks to all of you!!! Karen

  2. Charming compositions! For some reason I relate to Adam Gustavson's! :-)

  3. I love Adam's! It has so much character! I'm sorry mine's a bit spare compositionally--I just couldn't seem to make it work, so I opted for just the simple figure, which was probably the only thing about the image that I was happy with.

    1. My husband is an artist, Jed - he would tell you how much I love sketches - yours is great! All of the illustrations are amazing...but Adam's reminds me of what I look like in the summer. (Oh, well.)Thanks to all the awesome artists!

  4. These illustrations are adorable! Well done, foxy illustrators!

  5. Yeahh!!!! Everyone did awesome. This is fun.

  6. Oh, don't worry Victoria--I don't feel in competition with Adam--whose picture I love--everybody's got their own thing going on! I was just lamenting that mine didn't come out quite how I would have liked it.

  7. Fantastic, Foxies! Or is that Fantastic Foxies? Either way, they're great!