Friday, July 20, 2012

Foxy Friday: Best Friends

Welcome to another fine Foxy Friday! About every two weeks we ask Red Fox Literary artists to create an image on a given theme. This Friday's theme is "best friends." This week we have illustrations by Jed Alexander, Rosalinde Bonnet, Diane BrowningStacey Dressen-McQueen and  Marty Kelley! Thanks to all our fine foxy artists for sharing their interpretations, and keep an eye out for our next theme, "traveling" in about two weeks hence!

Jed Alexander

Rosalinde Bonnet

Diane Browning

Stacey Dessen-McQueen

Marty Kelly


  1. Fantastic once again! Thanks to all for your beautiful work! And today, my very first best friend, from first grade, is coming to visit for the weekend. Let's hear it for best friends!!!
    And thank you, Jed. :)

  2. Wow! Red Fox has some awesome talent!

  3. Great job, everyone! Love it!