Friday, June 8, 2012

Our First Birthday and a Blog Re-Launch!

To celebrate Red Fox's first birthday, Karen and I decided to re-vamp our much neglected little blog with two new sources of material. The first is an Illustration Friday-type concept where we give our illustrators a topic to illustrate every few weeks and post the resulting pieces. The second draws from our talented clients and their experiences working in the children's book world--from the process of writing a complete YA novel, to the mechanics of picture book illustration, to reporting on conferences and book events. We're excited about the possibilities of this group blog and hopeful that all of you out there find something inspiring in our little experiment.

So for our first foxy illustration topic we picked, appropriately enough, "birthdays." Here's what the gang sent in:

Jed Alexander

Rosalinde Bonnet, "Arctic Birthday"

 Diane Browning

Stacey Dressen McQueen

Mary Ann Fraser

Adam Gustavson

Elizabeth Haidle 

Marty Kelley 

Tatjana Mai Wyss


Teri Sloat 

Sarah Watts, "Happy Bearday"

And, lastly, another little scene from Rosalinde Bonnet: 

Some of these illustrations will be available as cards in our Zazzle store. To view more samples from these and other Red Fox illustrators, visit


  1. Wow, wow, wow! What awesome illustrations :)

  2. Happy birthday, Red Fox Literary! You have some talented illustrators "in the den!"

  3. Such talent. Truly remarkable! And happy 1st birthday! You are a fabulous agency with a fabulous team of talent! :D

  4. Completely fabulous! Happy Birthday Red Foxes!! xo

  5. Wow! Awesome illustrations! Happy Birthday, Red Fox Literary! You are a wonderful agency to work with, and I'm so proud to be one of the foxes and to be among such talented company!